Each weekend from October through to the end of March, the iconic Trigg beach is guarded by volunteer lifesavers from the Trigg Island Surf Life Saving Club. Beach Inspectors from the City of Stirling also provide valuable support to ensure the beach is as safe for everyone as possible.

Where should I swim?    

When visiting Trigg Island beach always familiarise yourself with where the main patrol is set up. Even the strongest swimmers can sometimes find themselves needing assistance, so no matter what your ability always familiarise yourself with the patrol location when you arrive. Typically patrols operate from the northern section of Trigg Island to around 500m south (or around the middle of Trigg South). 

The safe swimming zone is always between the red and yellow flags. This is also where the patrol team is based for that day. Each morning an assessment of where the safest location is to swim is made, as factors like the wind can drastically change the beach conditions from one day to the next. This daily process ensures Trigg Island SLSC is guiding the public to the safest possible swimming zone.

Equipped to rescue

In the water, we have specialised rescue craft called IRBs (Inflatable Rescue Boats) which are operated by highly skilled crews to efficiently rescue swimmers in trouble and return them safely to shore.

On land we conduct mobile roving patrols on our All Terrain Vehicle and our 4WD vehicle, as well as on foot. Our lifesavers rove the beach to provide helpful advice to families and swimmers about the surf conditions and safety issues of the day and are educated in assessing potential risks to public safety. Please always follow the advice of any lifesaver or beach inspector, they are there to protect you and are always acting in your best interest. 

The Trigg Island beach is a popular surfing beach and in good surfing conditions has regular rips form along the surf zone. For the unwary swimmer, these can be hazardous so if unsure always swim between the flags.

Further information can be found on the Beachsafe App.