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Trigg Island SLSC Member’s Grind out Tough Performances at this Years Interstate National Lifesaving Championships.

Western Suns Trigg Members

14 Trigg Island SLSC members traveled to Maroubra, NSW, on Tuesday to compete as part of the SLSWA Western Suns, in what was sure to be a tough 4 days of competition.
From the 11th to the 14th of January, Surf Lifesaving Australia has put together a jam-packed schedule, with the Interstate National Lifesaving Championships, Super Surf League, and Round 3 & 4 of the Nutrigrain Ironman series.
Thursday saw 214 athletes from across Australia, ranging from pathways to opens compete in a wide variety of events on the beach and in the water.
Our club had a strong representation within the Western Suns team, and our members ranked top in several events, with standout performances coming from pathways member, Oliver Browne, who came 2nd in the Surf Race, and Queen of the Sand Giaan Versace, who came 2nd in the Beach flags, and 3rd in the Beach Sprints.
Trigg also had 4 members (in a team of 8) compete in the Open Taplin Relay, which is considered the pinnacle event of any Surf Sports carnival, with the WA team coming in 3rd, close behind Victoria and Taplin champions NSW.
With the Super Surf League starting up tomorrow, and our members being split between the Broome Pearlers and Scarboro Sunsets, we look forward to witnessing what else they can do.
The results for club members at the Interstates are below:


Female – Board Race – 4th Place – Jazmin Shipway-Carr
Female – Board Race – 5th Place – Femke Negus
Female – Surf Race – 12th Place – Femke Negus
Female – Surf Ski – 10th Place – Jazmin Shipway-Carr
Female – Ironwoman – 10th Place – Femke Negus

Mixed – Surf Teams – 4th Place – Femke Negus & Ben Jones
Mixed – Board Relay – 4th Place – Femke Negus & Jazmin Shipway-Carr
Mixed – Beach Relay – 2nd Place – Jazmin Shipway-Carr
Mixed – Surf Ski Relay – 5th Place – Dan Humble & Jazmin Shipway-Carr
Mixed – Taplin – 3rd Place – Dani Humble, Jazmin Shipway-Carr, Ben Jones, and Femke Negus

Male – Ironman – 12th Place – Ben Jones
Male – Surf Ski – 10th Place – Dan Humble


Female – Board Race – 12th Place – Macy Boisvert
Female – Board Race – 13th Place – Alisha Beeney
Female – Ironwoman – 12th Place – Macy Boisvert
Female – Surf Race – 5th Place – Alisha Beeney
Female – Beach Sprint – 3rd Place – Giaan Versace
Female – Beach Flags – 2nd Place – Giaan Versace

Mixed – Beach Relay – 4th Place – Giaan Versace
Mixed – Board Relay – 3rd Place – Macy Boisvert & Billy Hawkes
Mixed – Surf Teams – 3rd Place – Oliver Browne
Mixed – Cameron Relay – 5th Place – Giaan Versace

Male – Board Race – 12th Place – Billy Hawkes
Male – Surf Race – 2nd Place – Oliver Browne
Male – Surf Race – 6th Place – Billy Hawkes

Youth :

Female – Board Race – 5th Place – Olivia Doddy
Female – Board Race – 7th Place – Annika Negus
Female – Surf Race – 5th Place – Eleanor Flowers
Female – Surf Race – 6th Place – Olivia Doddy
Female – Surf Ski – 10th Place – Annika Negus
Female – Ironwoman – 8th Place – Annika Negus

Mixed – Beach Relay – 2nd Place – Olivia Doddy
Mixed – Surf Teams – 3rd Place – Oliva Doddy & Eleanor Flowers
Mixed – Board Relay – 4th Place – Olivia Doddy & Annika Negus
Mixed – Surf Ski Relay – 6th Place – Annika Negus

Trigg Island Surf Life Saving Club acknowledges the traditional owners, the Whadjuk People of the Noongar Nation, of the beach on which we work and play. We pay our respect to their elders past and present and are grateful for their continuing connection to the land, sea and sky.